Our Pledge

  1. Thorough Communication:

    • Clients are informed at every stage of their remodel, allowing them to participate where appropriate.
    • Our system adapts to address budget concerns and special requests.
    • Open lines of communication are maintained between all parties involved, keeping everyone updated regarding schedules, budgets, and construction processes.
  2. Thoughtful Planning:

    • Conserves resources
    • Prevents wasted effort
    • Saves time and money

    Our planning provides realistic scheduling and estimating of the entire remodeling process–from initial design stages to completing final touch up and cleaning.

    In order for us to prepare an accurate budget and schedule for your project we will compile:

    • complete and detailed design
    • specific and complete material lists
    • schedules of all parties involved
  3. Careful Building:

    Focus on Quality

    Our craftsmen and trusted trade contractors are proud of their focus on quality construction practices and ability to provide consistent results.

    Whether the project is demolition of a concrete floor or installation of custom cabinetry, our workers have the knowledge and dedication to get the task at hand done right the first time.

    Minimizing Disruptions

    We do everything in our power to minimize disruptions in vital areas of the home, such as kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

    When they are unavoidable, we work with you to provide temporary alternate solutions, and promise to complete the project as quickly as possible.


    Our process involves protection of floors and installation of plastic sheeting to help keep dust and debris limited to the work areas.

    At the end of each day, all work areas are left tidy and hazards are made as safe as possible and clearly marked. At the completion of the job, all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and work is reviewed carefully to ensure that no detail is left undone.